Sara & Candy were terrific and looked after us all very well. We rode in a beautiful area beside the water and it was both interesting and fun + a nice group of people on the ride too.
I’ve attended some of their previous workshops and found them an invaluable as well as enjoyable. They have helped me to become a more confident and skilled cyclist. I really appreciate & am so grateful to all the excellent workshop facilitators – I’ve learnt a lot from them and continue to do so and can definitely feel the benefit in my cycling. I also like the friendly group environment. I’ve come a long way thanks to these workshops since I started back cycling again after a very long break, and it has helped me overcome my initial fear of getting back on a bike again. Now I really love cycling and do it several times a week. I’m happier and healthier and more confident now – thanks !!
Definitely recommend to others …they are really important if one wants to learn how to become a safe, confident cyclist and overcome initial fears of beginning, or returning to cycling. They encompass important safety and maintenance aspects as well as addressing any individual problems. This enables workshop students to really enjoy cycling and become happier healthier people + use their bike & save on petrol !!
— Sandra

I enrolled in this Sunday Social Ride to improve my bike riding skills, knowledge and confidence and to lose some weight. Increase fitness. I have already recommended this workshop to others… they are professionally run, helps to increase safety in a group riding situation, and there is a variety of rides in different locations. — George

I wanted to learn tips to help with my cycling, and to help me feel more comfortable on my bike, and my expectations were exceeded. Sara was a great teacher and her instructions were thorough and well explained. I’m now feeling much more confident on my bike and going out more on my own to ride!
— Caitlin

I had a desire to improve, participate in more cycling and I am so grateful for having completed the training. I feel so much better about cycling and using my bike. The anxiety is gone and I now know I can do it, all in one session- just amazing!!!  My biggest hurdle was feeling confident and able, and to start/stop. Before my session, I was a bit unsure about the financial expense- but so glad I did it!!! This really is for anyone and everyone, it’s great from a safety perspective and to improve ability! –Caroline

I did this workshop as I was interested in gaining more skills. Sara was very patient and encouraging.  I gained riding and bike handling skills and the workshop increased my road riding awareness. Definitely recommend, it was a safe and informative environment and I was able to integrate my new skills with my current riding. –Susan

I absolutely enjoyed this workshop! Sara’s enthusiasm for cycling was quite contagious. I registered in the ‘Absolute Beginner’ session because I was very keen to learn to ride a bicycle!  The workshop with Sara was both a privilege and a pleasure. She is a wonderful teacher. The structure of the workshop progressed gradually and logically, building and consolidating on previous steps. –Melanie

I absolutely enjoyed this workshop! Sara’s enthusiasm for cycling was quite contagious. I registered in the ‘Absolute Beginner’ session because I was very keen to learn to ride a bicycle!  The workshop with Sara was both a privilege and a pleasure. She is a wonderful teacher. The structure of the workshop progressed gradually and logically, building and consolidating on previous steps. –Melanie

I wanted to gain more knowledge and confidence and this session was above my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session, learnt a lot of useful information and Sara made me feel very much at ease. Sara is a great teacher. I learned how to take my wheels on and off, check my tyre pressure and change gears. Would recommend to anyone starting out with road cycling. These sessions are so informative, I think they are a must for beginners and people getting back into cycling. –Karen

I had been searching for someone to help my 8year old daughter, Stella, to learn how to ride a bike. Stella left the lesson feeling very proud of herself and with a new enthusiasm for learning how to ride a bike. Her self-confidence was low in regards to riding a bike as she would see kids her age (and much younger) flying by, and I think she had given up hope, but now she sees that she too can learn to ride. I will definitely be letting friends and work colleagues know about the sessions/programs. –Abby

My sister encouraged me to do the course. She was so enthusiastic I couldn’t say no. So, I knew what to expect in my session due to my sister repeating everything she learned on the course after she did it. I learnt hand signals, a little bit more confidence to try a group ride and also encouragement to try clip in pedals, and Confidence from Brooke – I am not as bad as I thought I was. I would recommend this program to anyone beginning the cycle thing or to those who have not ridden in the cycle bunch before.  Brooke was the best – such a happy instructor – it is surely a sign that cycling makes you happy. My goal is to be able to ride up Springbrook and still be smiling like Brooke at the end!!  –Julie

I wanted to do this session for self-improvement and a specific benefit I received was traffic awareness. I would recommend these sessions for all beginners. I always felt safe and it was beneficial for me. –Daniel

I very much enjoyed this Absolute Beginners Workshop. I wanted to do it to share bike riding opportunities with family and friends. Sarah is very confident in her ability; her instructions were clear, and she is very patient. Good balance of oral instruction with practical – and no pressure to excel. –Cherrie

I wanted to gain more confidence & experience riding on the road with other traffic and also, I enjoy meeting the other riders and making new cycling friends. It exceeded expectations, really enjoyed it – Candice the facilitator was excellent and I got a lot out of it + met some very nice people in our group and had fun while gaining more experience & confidence riding on the road. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to others – its the best way to become a safe and confident rider and learn essential bike handling skills from really professional teachers – a wonderful opportunity and its free – fantastic.  It takes the fear away for new riders with the great support they receive in these workshops.  Candice covered a lot of very useful things with preparation & theory and then with some good practical experience on the road amongst the other traffic. –Sandra

Steve was a great trainer and felt comfortable in his teaching method. Really like the one on one feel that it is more beneficial to my learning. I gained confidence and tips about riding and using cleats. And will definitely be doing another one after I practice what I learnt today. Maybe a months time. This is for anyone that wants to ride a road bike for fun or be more serious. –Rhonda

I enrolled in the session because I wanted to upgrade my riding skills as now living on Gold Coast where there is a lot of traffic. From the session I gained more confidence and overall it exceeded my expectations. This is for anyone. –Leonie

I did a session with Sara because I wanted to get riding on the road safely and I got a greater love of riding which I never expected to get! It exceeded my expectations and this is for anyone riding at all because you are unlikely to know more than an Olympian! –Louise

I had tried other workshops that were too big in number of participants … Just didn’t work for me! Sara’s sessions are fun, structured, informative, practical and delivered by a dynamic and encouraging person … Sara. I learned Tips / advice for practice of skills, focus points for improvement and easy drills for practice.
Thanks for your coaching. It was a very valuable session. I’ve got lots to practice now and you’ve given me the motivation to practice even more in order to ride more efficiently. You’ve also made me believe that improving my own cycling skills is achievable. Thank you. 🙂 –Jacquie

Sara you are a lovely person and great coach, riding with you during my session has given me the best foundation I could ever ask for. I received better confidence all around, better riding posture and turning abilities, posture tips, training and nutrition tips. This is for everyone I know who cycles. –Cal

I wanted to improve my riding skills and fitness in a challenging, fun and learning environment and the Sara Carrigan Cycling GOforGOLD Cycling Bunch exceeds my expectations! I always feel safe when riding during each training session, the teaching style appeals to me and it is value for money. I have increased bike handling skills, road safety, riding in a group skills, general improved fitness and strength, having fun on the road on two wheels. This is for anyone keen to gain any of the benefits that I have mentioned above.
Love it all, Long live Sara C and Go for Gold !!! –Clare

At first I was a little bit unsure about the session because I thought it may be a bit to advanced for me being that I have a cross hybrid bike and not necessarily a road bike for racing-I wasn’t really sure what knowledge I’d gain from my own bike with gears and so forth also. But I enrolled because I wanted to improve my cycling skills and technique and gain more confidence to ride on the road more comfortably. And the specific benefits I gained are a general ease on the bike while riding-I learned correct bike position and posture, communication and signalling, gear selection training and cornering. I would recommend it to all my friends! It is a lot of fun and Sara is a great coach 🙂 There is so much to learn about cycling and this is sure the place to do it. I can’t wait to get more involved 🙂 –Name witheld

Exceeding my expectations, this course was excellent. Sara is awesome and so easy to talk to. I have been riding for nearly 2 years and Sarah gave me that extra bit of information to help me feel more confident on the bike. Knowing how much experience she has I was really keen to enrol. I gained extra knowledge and confidence, I feel more confident with taking off at lights and hills. Also riding with other people. Recommend this session to people who have been riding for a while and want to gain that extra bit of knowledge. –Ann-Maree

Anybody who rides a bike would benefit in some way from this session. Thanks again. It was a great program and highly recommend it. I did the course because I purchased a road bike and want to gain more skills. Also want to ensure I’m up to date with the latest road rules. Because it is a free program through the City of Gold Coast, I didn’t realise that it would be such a high standard. I gained an understanding of general components on my bike, understanding safety issues with my bike, learned how to use gears and best cadence for riding, up-to-date on road rules, more confidence in using my bike.  -Kylie

Sarah exuded enthusiasm and passion for riding in her teaching. She was always genuine and friendly and made all participants feel very relaxed. God has not only gifted her as a wonderful athlete but as a fantastic teacher! I decided to enrol in the GCCC basic Skills Course because I bought new bike. Friend told of this program- thought would b a good way to get started. I learned tips on how to pump tyres, general safety and manoeuvring. Sara cleared up some questions I had really well. I would recommend for anyone wanting to build skills and confidence in riding. –Rachel

I enrolled in this course because I needed help with CONFIDENCE and the benefit I received from this course was CONFIDENCE. This course is for people like me. Thanks Sara. lt was great really appreciated your valuable advice to get me going. –Sandra

I would recommend these sessions to any new cyclist, because you can never have too much practical tuition. In my session, I gained more confidence in road riding, improving my riding posture and dealing with traffic. The style of teaching was well suited to cyclists of any experience level. I specifically liked the “one on one” riding with the coach. So pleased I saw the advertisement in the “Friday Flyer”, I believe any help and assistance after not riding for many years can only be beneficial. –Mark

Thankyou Sara for your patience and encouragement. I needed to have some education as I had not been on a bike for a long time. The specific benefits I received were more confidence in riding on the road and using hand signals. I recommend these Absolute Beginner sessions to anyone who has not ridden for a long time as it was a great encouragement to keep on riding. –Pam

I was unsure if this was too advanced for me, but that was quickly set aside, as Sara builds your confidence immediately. I’m a new road rider and I wanted correct instruction on how to ride safely and use my road bike correctly. I learned correct bike position, safe road usage, communication and signalling, group riding, being relaxed on the bike, how to deal with the unusual on the road. I would recommend this to any bike user. Sara appeals to all levels of bike proficiency and clearly communicates the ideas and reinforces their correct use. Where else can you get more than 20 years of elite bike experience compressed into 2 hours of tuition. Sara was very generous with her time. Is well prepared and communicates effectively. She then ensures what has been said is practiced and corrects your technique in the session. This is perfect for my learning style. The group sizes are perfect to get the one to one tuition needed to reinforce correct and safe bike usage. –Clem

Your professional background and experience, along with being endorsed by Active Travel, gives the novice rider great confidence to participate. I decided to do the cycling skills session because I did a Bike Maintenance course sponsored by Active Travel and wanted to further improve road safety and riding skills. The benefits I specifically received were riding posture, correct road positioning and general enthusiasm. I would recommend this program to friends from the Gold Coast Bushwalkers who also cycle. Sara’s inclusive manner with all participants and her encouragement to ask cycling questions at any time made the session most enjoyable.  –Neil

We decided to go for the two clinics before the event at Tamborine two weeks ago and Sarah was very approachable and easy to talk to. She provided us with a lot of technical knowledge in a few hours or short session but it was good enough to make us feel more confident and help understand better the things that we were doing wrong without knowing. –Charlie

Thanks for the chance to do your course, I was unsure about so early in the morning but Sara’s smile made me decide to register. It was beneficial for me, I learnt tips on rotating in a group, I felt safe, the teaching style appealed to me and I enjoyed the structure. Would recommend to any females keen to improve theirs and confidence on the road. –Allan

Thank you Sara!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the cycle sessions that I have had with you, and have learnt more skills each time I have attended.  You make cycling such fun! I enrolled because I want to improve my cycling skills – particularly on road riding in a group. I gained an understanding of cadence training and understanding of rules relevant to group road riding.
I would recommend to everyone who enjoys cycling! Sara is such a lovely person and very generous with her knowledge – she always has new knowledge for everyone to benefit from – from beginners to experienced riders. –Kate

Thank you Sara It was a great lesson. I was very impressed with your approach and professionalism. Always wanted to cycle, I was good at cycling as a young girl. But had not cycled for 40 yrs so lost confidence. An offer from GCCC inspired me to go for this AND meeting and training from Sara gave me all the confidence I needed. I learnt the right technique and gained confidence. I am going to talk to all my friends and community and motivate them. It is a great programme. U are doing a great job Sara Keep it up. –Suman

Thank you Sara for your kind guidance.I appreciate your encouraging words.Will carry on my practice. –Suren

I enjoyed Sara’s easy style, and especially her no airs and graces attitude related to her background in cycling. I got Sara’s details from the GCCC when I made enquiries. The session exceeded expectations and would recommend to anyone who asked or if the topic came up in a conversation… I learnt to ride a bike. –Sharon
(Sharon had never ridden a bike but after 1hour of instruction she was riding for her very first time!  –Ed)

I felt very fortunate to have Sara spend the time with us and teach us things to make us safer riders.  Sara is an awesome teacher. It was a most beneficial session. There were lots of things to learn. It’s not just pedalling that makes cycling safe and successful. I will and have recommended these sessions to all women who ride. –Louise

I have been riding for years so wasn’t sure what I would get out of it but I am open to advice so gave it a shot. I am really pleased I did. Got some great tips thanks. The session was only 45 minutes which only scratches the surface but the benefit I received was a good reminder of the new road rules and sensible bike safety tips. I probably wasn’t as up with it as I need to be. Even though I have been riding for many years, having Sara look at my riding style and provide practical advice as to how I can improve has been great. I am sure my riding and my enjoyment will increase as a result. Sara is such a knowledgeable and thoroughly nice person. She has been there and done that and you know she loves cycling as much as you do. –Kevin

Great course! Informative, well structured, friendly, and fun!! Attended Free GCCC course because it covered the points I wanted to learn, and was catering to other female beginner riders like myself. I learnt lots of tips, able to practice in traffic-free environment, improved confidence as more in control of my bike. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new cycling skills, or improve their current technique. –Marie

Sara and Stevo have a passion for riding that shows and a great attitude for passing on relevant skills and information. They have the ability to help you feel more relaxed and at ease and regularly checked that you were feeling ok about what was being introduced. Initially, I was nervous about doing it and doing it with other people but I did it to build my confidence and learn new skills. I learnt a bit more understanding of how the use of your eyes and relaxation of your body impacts on the bike and how nervousness makes it so much harder. I would recommend anyone who hasn’t actually been taught to ride or who is lacking in confidence. –Gaylene

I was unsure because I was nervous due to never riding previously. But I did a session with Sara because I wanted to start safely on a road bike, I knew nothing. The benefits I received was greater confidence, especially in going out the next day. I am excited about cycling. I would recommend it, great fun, great information and easy to remember as it was tailored to my requirements. It was such fun and Sara’s enthusiasm is contagious.  –Emma

I was keen to start cycling for fitness and fun but lacked the confidence to ride on the road. I had heard great feedback from people who know Sara and others that had completed her sessions. Sara taught me the do’s and don’ts of cycling along with the road rules etc. She gave me tips on the things you don’t think about doing as a beginner like stopping turning, even getting your drink bottle out. Her advice on posture and relaxing while on the bike where outstanding. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is thinking about taking cycling up. Even someone who has been cycling for a while but needs a few tips on the correct ways to ride to gain the most benefit out of it.
I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Sara and am looking forward to joining her group ride with the confidence she has given me. She is an outstanding patient coach with an even better personality that makes your session even more enjoyable. Thanks Sara – I will be recommending you to all my friends.
— Kristy

I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson, Sara was so positive and enthusiastic, she made me feel like I too could become a pro cyclist one day  — Allison

I felt very comfortable with Sara and liked her fun, easy going style. All aspects of the session were of interest/benefit to me but in particular, some of the tips like cleating with the pedal down and practising getting off on both sides. –Maree

I learnt valuable useable info. I enjoyed the whole course and in particular the cornering drills were great. Tell more people about it, I certainly will be! –Stewart

Quote: “Don’t laugh at other people’s dream…if you don’t have dreams, you don’t have much” Thank you, all of you, this has been a life changing experience for me !!  🙂   –Murray

Loved the program! A very well run & informative session, Thanks again, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends. –Tanya

There was a lot of information given in the 4 hours  and the knowledge and passion shown by Sara and Steve was excellent and so encouraging. –Penny

I have not had so much fun for a long time. The instruction was comprehensive but concise. Common sense ideas and good practical skill improvement. The ease I now have of taking the rear wheel out and in is magic. This course should be a must, or fully recommended to all recreational riders for everyone’s safety. –Denis

As a “beginner” I found both Sara and “Stevo” to possess qualities that made me feel at home and safely in their hands as they took me through each aspect of riding correctly and safely.  Their instructions were precise followed with gentle coaxing as I performed each new drill.  It was such a pleasure to meet them both.  I came away feeling inspired and eager to practice the many new skills I acquired in the 4 hours spent with them.  I would highly recommend this to anyone as each individual level is catered for.  Many thanks for being my new friends for the day. –Pam

I very much enjoyed my one on one session with Sara Carrigan. It was very informative and learned things about riding and bike safety. –Beatrice

I got soo much more out of the course than i could have possibly expected, and came away having a great time and thinking i cant wait to get back on tomorrow. The knowledge you shared was invaluable and delivered in a way that was easy to understand and apply with  confidence. –Jane

My session with Sara was really good and I got a lot more out of it than I thought was possible.  We covered a lot of ground during our time together and had fun along the way.  Sara has amazing knowledge and skill but the best thing is that she is a terrific coach and communicator. –Mackenzie

Thanks Sara, I had a great time on Saturday and your manner is excellent. Having three instructors to five participants was way over my expectation and the personal attention was fantastic. –Graham

Sara, I am eternally grateful to you for opening up a new facet of cycling for me, and especially for the understanding and support you provided for me being a late starter, at 63yrs, in competitive cycling.  When I asked you, in Feb 2010, if you could prepare a training program to get me up to scratch for a national women’s competition 6 weeks away there were no negative vibes just encouragement.  Your enthusiasm and sincerity was inspiring as you imparted lots of technical knowledge to go with the physical training and I was introduced to the GoForGold bunch, an experience I will never forget – much like that of motor pacing for the first time!  The atmosphere on the bunch rides was intoxicating and the fun, friendship and good road manners are hard to find elsewhere on the Coast.  I credit Sara with helping me to collect quite a few wins in 2010 & 2011 but I recommend the group to those wanting to start cycling as well as those wanting to improve their skills.  –Robyn Ryan

Sara taught me some simple, specific to me, cycling techniques through observation, her skills and experience. These are things that I cannot learn from a book, magazine or off the web. I can’t wait to use my new descending skills and cycling confidence on my upcoming European trip! –Phil

I think you guys are fabulous. Your enthusiasm and support inspired my self-confidence. Everything was broken down into simple basics that was easy to follow and remember. Although I am a complete gumbie on the bike I never felt like a moron. The small group size was a bonus with one instructor to every three people, there is always someone to give feedback and hands-on help. Loved it, I think this course is a must for anyone who is not completely confident riding on the road or who hasn’t ridden for a while, and a great way to meet other bike riders. –Fiona

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the skills needed to start cycling.  You and your coaches have been great..all very patient and encouraging. Its great being able to attend the  beginner group sessions. They have given me a chance to improve my skills and confidence in a great environment. –Nancy

I learnt so much from the skills course with Sara, she has excellent teaching skills and now I am very enthusiastic about joining the weekly groups to continue being inspired! –Clare

I am so impressed by Sara, and the cycling skills program. Sara is fantastic at teaching, her manner is so lovely, and she is obviously a wealth of information and experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is starting out with cycling. –Jo

I liked the way you split us into two groups, this enabled people to work at their level. We had a great time!    –Rex & Narelle

What a fantastic time I had today. Your bubbly and endearing personality really made it easy to talk to you and learn from you. After dealing with incompetence and negativity in the business world you were a breath of fresh air. I was so impressed with your conduct and humility that I will be highly recommending your business to all of my cycling buddies. Please keep doing what you’re doing as it is evident that it brings you great joy. It is only now (nearly 5 hours later) that I’m starting come down off the natural high. –Forbes

Learning technical applications particularly on cornering and taking the correct lines leading into corners. Also the strength training and speed training sessions I will take a lot from as much as they near shattered me. The knowledge I garnished about nutrition was also beneficial.  We found it to be a very professionally run and thoroughly enjoyable experience all round. I’m looking forward to applying what I learnt to my future training sessions. Without a doubt it was the toughest ride I’ve ever done but I loved every minute of it. —Michael

The course was great and it is the first time in 6 years I have felt confident that I can go out on a ride by myself & take care of any breakdowns and feel safe and confident with regards to road/traffic skills. The only thing I wish we could have done is maybe another 30mins riding either outside on road or on the track (outside velodrome). Thanks so much Sara & Stevo. –Natalie

I couldn’t list the benefits I have gained since joining your bunch rides, but they have affected every part of my world and life. Keep up this fantastic program, I’m a fan for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Paul-

Even though I was nervous and scared silly, I enjoyed (and intend to continue enjoying) the program. The way all the trainers take the time to adapt to each individual is commendable, and very  welcoming. Sara’s personal fun and positive attitude to life is infectious. The way the regular bunch is ever increasing in size is a testament to the organisation – I have no doubt of the continued success and growth. Sara, Stevo, and Renee are ever supportive and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to the changing of this gumby into a real cyclist! -Jeanette-

The program is one of the best things I have ever done, I learnt so much and had so much fun.  The prospect of doing 80km+ on a bike used to seem impossible, now those distances are a reality.  Sara, Stevo, Paul and Renee are great ambassadors for the sport and have really motivated me to keep going!! -B-

This course is a must for any novice or inexperienced cyclist. Thank God my friends told me about it. My safety on the road has now improved dramatically and I feel much better riding in a group. Sara and Stevo do an amazing job and bring so much experience and knowledge to the table. The BEST thing is you become part of the cycling family and meet some top people who you love to be around.  -Tim-

I am so pleased I googled bicycle courses on the Gold Coast and found you! I am bragging to everyone I know about what an amazing Individual you are, how detailed, enjoyable, reinforcing, and confident building your course has been! Thank you so very very much! –C-

Lots of support, encouragement and advice. Pefect. -K-

This program has given me confidence I thought I would never have. I love cycling and seeing the improvement I have made in just a couple of months. Thanks to sara’s skills, knowledge and a whole lot of patience, I was always encouraged and never felt embarrassed. I look forward to continue cycling with the go for gold group! -R-

The course exceeded my expectations and whilst stepping way outside my comfort zone initially by the final road session I was feeling more comfortable. It is sometimes unnerving riding with other inexperienced persons but this ultimately forces one to focus on all elements of riding. It would be nice if there was an intermediate class to move up to at some stage following lots of practice as a beginner. A wonderful course – SHOULD BE COMPULSORY FOR ALL CYCLISTS – something similar to the motorcycle Q’ride initiative. I think we would see a better relationship between cyclist and motorist if more cyclists were aware of the road rules and vice versa. -T-

Thank you for your wonderful training and encouragement! I’m enjoying it HEAPS, And at last can fulfil a dream!  -Ilona-

The enjoyment that I got out of each session was well worth the small sacrifice of having to get up at 4am. Thank you Sara, the sense of accomplishment was so overwhelming that I drove home after each session with the biggest smile on my face.   -Maree-

I think the Sara Carrigan Cycling Skills program is great, it was easy to understand even for a person who has never ridden before in their life at the age of 50. -Leanne-

I do want to say a SUPER BIG thank-you to all three of you – you are all really supportive & made us all feel safe and helped us to build our confidence over the last 5 weeks. -Kim-

Honestly, I think it’s fantastic – you were adaptable and catered to each of our needs when all 3 of us have different levels of experience/skills/fitness. -Fiona-

Just wanted to thank YOU &  Stevo and of course Marco and Pauly for the awesome effort you guys put into your Go For Gold Program – you all do such a fantastic job and I love the structure of it. It has been so good for me on so many levels, from my fitness, goal setting, self esteem and self motivation – you are a Legend Sara! -Jeanette-

I really enjoyed the course – Thanks to you Sara, Stevo, Marco and Paul for your patience, friendly manner and constant positive encouragement. -Di-

The course was fantastic I had heaps of fun and learned lots, Sara you are a great teacher/mentor very approachable and non-intimidating. -Leanne-

Loved the small group, allowed us all to focus on what we wanted. Written notes for consolidation reminder. I have & will continue to recommend your class to others.  –L-

I have really enjoyed the Getting Started course and have not only been impressed by professional way in which it is presented from the inclusions such as the Bio Mechanical Assessment to the SMS prior to each session, but think you and Stevo should both be commended on your friendly approach, patience, enthusiasm and your endless encouragement which has resulted in always feeling at ease (even when skinned knees have been the result) 🙂  –C-

Very prompt in replying to emails and forwarding notes. Very professional. Thanks. -A-

Loved it all, feel a lot more confident on my bike as I have more knowledge & skills to work with. Thanks heaps. 🙂   -M-

I found it very vauable and with time and more riding I will enjoy it more. -K-

Pleased that Sara recognised my need for further tuition on cornering at speed – availability of follow-on tuition is good!  -A-

Great work. Thanks alot.  -J-

I am looking forward to doing the next program with Sara and hope to keep learning from her in the future.    -D-

Really enjoyed the experience as I came away with many great tips.  -P-

Lovely to meet you Sara and thanks for your instruction.  -D-

Shame we didn’t get to do Springbrook, enjoyed all of it, good variety, your organisation, reminders, emails were great!  -E-

Thanks for such a great program!  I really enjoyed it!  I learnt some valuable points and enjoyed meeting you.  You really motivated me to continue cycling.  -M-

It was really awesome Sara, you are very good as a teacher, encouraging and supportive. I thank you for starting such a program!  -M-