2013-10-10 Aussie 7s coach exchange - AIS Performance coaching and leadership Australian Institute of sport Performance coaching and leadership - Aussie 7s coach exchange (8) Gold Coast Sevens Rugby - Aussie 7s coach exchange (12)

10th October 2013

I participated in a coaches forum and ‘coaches exchange’ today whereby we meet up with coaches from other sports and exchange information about different training methods and ideas, ask questions and seek feedback. A group of us met at the Skilled stadium in Robina to be involved in the Aussie 7s training session in the lead up to the 1st round of the Sevens World Series starting 12th October involving 16 teams and 45 matches over two days.

It is amazing just how many similarities there are in all sports. It is fantastic to be a part of the AIS Performace Coaching and Leadership Program to facilitate this engagement as it happens so little.  I enjoyed the interaction with the different coaches and today … cheekily appreciated a bit of bicep while we were out on the field. 😉