1. Know the course: Pace yourself
Inspect the course maps and profiles so you can be familiar and prepared for what you will undertake in 2 weeks’ time.
An easy way to have your best day out on the bike is to know the course. Being armed with this knowledge helps you to select the right gears for the course and to formulate a pacing plan of where you are going to take it easy, and where you will push your limits. Take a note of how long the climbs are, where they start and finish, the gradient, and what the recovery time is between.
Knowledge is power and will help you to have more confidence in your abilities so that you can feel ready and excited! Have fun!

2. Energy Requirements: Eat every hour on the bike
It is important to fuel your body appropriately so that you can complete your Gran Fondo Challenge in a healthy state. It is so easy to forget to drink or eat, which after a certain amount of time on the bike can make you feel dizzy, faint or even a little delirious. This state is known as ‘hitting the wall’, going ‘hunger flat’ or ‘bonking’ and is when your body has depleted its glycogen stores.

So, ensure you have enough pieces of food in your jersey pocket to eat every hour that you are out on the bike to prevent this depleted state. Some ideas of what to pack in your pockets include bananas, muesli/cereal bars, pieces of fruit cake, jam/honey/Nutella sandwich or whatever your favourite food is that will fit in your back pocket!

* Remember: You can also stop at the designated feeding stations throughout the ride for food and fluid!

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